ComplexCity Lighting

- 2008.3 ~
- Silk screen printing on Hanji, Wood frame
- 2008 NUDE (HABITAT VALENCIA) Selected Project
- Collaboration with Fernando Carrera

'ComplexCity' pattern which has been developed for years is now being applied to the lighting design. Pattern named ¡®ComplexCity' illustrates streets of world's famous cities and enlightened with backlit which makes the pattern of lighting most effectively.

After several times of hard testing, I found the best material for the lighting and the ¡®Hanji' means paper made up with rice in a traditional way of Korea is it. Though it has to be handled with care, Hanji carries the message which has been communicated through my works of natural textures with its remarkable translucency and diffusivity. Specially customized ink which I made for myself intercepts the light with the ¡®Complex City' pattern and it supports the lighting more delicately.